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My teaching centers on the notion that we learn more together than we do apart. I have taught at Dartmouth College, the University of California San Diego (UCSD), and the University of San Diego (USD). My classes have ranged from introductory courses in Mexican American and Chicana/o Studies, the history of Mexican America, and U.S. History since 1877. Recently, I taught my "Indigenous Migrations and Latinidad" course which examines the multiple experiences of Indigenous  Latin American migrants throughout the United States in the post-1980s and their relationship to their communities of origin. As a teaching assistant at UC San Diego, my classes included introductory courses on Asian American Studies, African American/Black Studies, and US and Latin American history of the nineteenth century. 


A primary teaching objective I employ in the classroom is for students to interpret history from their own experiences alongside class material and discussions. At the end of class terms, students engage in cumulative final projects demonstrating their understanding of how knowledge is produced and transformed. See below for my most recent class project in which students over the course of the term produced Digital Story Maps about Indigenous migrant placemakers:

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