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My research focuses on social movements, race and indigeneity, labor, and migration between the United States and Mexico. In my current book project, I examine how Indigenous migrants from Oaxaca made an important transnational impact during the late twentieth century that shapes how we think about migrant politics, indigeneity, and racial capitalism today.

Writing about Indigenous migrants has been both challenging and rewarding. Such a project has led me throughout the United States and Mexico to meet incredible people, colleagues, and community members. I have also visited archives, accessed personal collections, conducted oral histories, and more. These experiences have greatly impacted me and have shaped the book. As a result, I have two simultaneous projects underway: The Indigenous Mexican Oral History Project (IMOHP) and the Archiving Indigenous Migrant Histories (AIMH). You can learn more about them below:



Indigenous Mexican Oral History Project (IMOHP)

Archiving Indigenous Migrant Histories (AIMH)

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